Serial input from the following official website serial input field

3x Princess Stone & Tyrfing plain clothes

1382166553: one princess stone [Select the third-last option in the first box]

1091796224: one princess stone [Second-last option]

1842139071: one princess stone [Last option]

When all 3 codes have been input, you'll receive Tyrfing -plainclothes version-.

Propagation Collaboration Psyllium Weapon

Psyllium Sword Thumb
mfred0919: サイリウムソード (Psyllium Sword) [Select the option that starts with CMI in the first box]

Psyllium Shot Thumb
mmpurple0225: サイリウムショット (Psyllium Shot) [Same as above]

Psyllium Rod Thumb
afblue1207: サイリウムスピア (Psyllium Spear) [Same as above]

Psyllium Axe Thumb
nygreen0714: サイリウムアックス (Psyllium Axe) [Same as above]

Psyllium Arrow Thumb
enyellow0216: サイリウムアロー (Psyllium Arrow) [Same as above]

Ultimate !! Metal Maiden Large Runaway Campaign

1198254793: ロンギヌス:☆3 ソルジャー (Longinus: 3☆ Soldier) [Select the 7th option from the top in the first box]

- Expires 6/30 (Tue) 23:59

Predicament! Bamboo basket with belly ache!

pppmasmune: 1000 mana points, 100000 Zeni, one princess stone, 1x 3☆ Masamune.

-Expires: 2015/8/31