The Myrmidon is a base class of sword-wielding units, and is the only dedicated sword-user aside from a Sword Knight. Like other classes, it can equip Shields as well.

They are distinct from other classes for possessing a fair amount of Guard and the typical low Spirit, but makes up for it with characteristically high Speed and Agility stats, as well as a Strength stat almost on par with that of an Axe-wielding class. As a result, a Myrmidon will usually build up to be faster than many of the other classes of the same tier, and tend to have high hit rates, and slightly above-average crit and dodge rates. Many of the skills possessed by playable Myrmidons promote this as well, such as raising Evade, Speed and the like.

Playable Myrmidons

  • Laevateinn (1M , 1F )
  • Masamune (1)
  • Littu (1 )
  • Durandal (1)