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The Colosseum is an arena where you fight against other commanders.


At the Colosseum, you battle one-on-one with other commanders. Your parties engage in five-duel battles against each other. The winner is decided by:

  • The player who knocked out more units.
  • The player who dealt the most damage.

Leader Skills and First attacks

As with ordinary duels, setting a unit with a Leader skill as the party's leader grants the skill's effect to all party members. In duels, the challenging side does not always attack first, the stats of the units on both sides are compared to determine which side goes first.

Special skills and Command skills

At the Colosseum , there is a chance that special skills and command skills will be triggered automatically.


At the Colosseum, limited-time bonuses may be applied to units that meet specific conditions.

  • Evasion Boost

  • Defense Boost

  • Attack Boost

  • Critical Super Boost

  • Attack Boost

  • Ultimate Acc Boost

Raises all stats for units on their birthday.


Up to three players with similar total ranking points to you will be chosen as potential opponents. you then select one of them to battle against, or you can refresh to get three different players.

CP (Colosseum Points)

Players have a maximum of 3 CP. Each battle expends 1 CP, CP recover at a rate of one per hour, or you can use a Lazuli to fully recover them.

Ranking Points

You earn ranking points by winning battles. Conversely, losing battles causes you to lose ranking points, However your ranking points will only go up or down if you are the one challenging the other player to a match.

Ranking Battles

Once you earn a certain number of ranking points, a ranking battle will take place to determine whether you will receive a rank promotion. If you win the battle, your rank will go up by one. Conversely, if your ranking points fall below a certain number, a ranking battle will take place to determine whether you will suffer a rank demotion, if you lose the battle, your rank will go down by one.

Promotion Rewards

The first time you are promoted up a rank, you earn a promotion reward. Promotion rewards consist of items that cannot be obtain anywhere else, including gear and Battle Medals.

Earning Unit Experience

You can earn unit experience up to five time a day at the Colosseum, regardless of winning or losing the match.